Sunday, November 8, 2015

Jugaadu Internet: Paypal tips

Jugaadu Internet: Paypal tips

Jugaadu Internet: Paypal tips

Jugaadu Internet: Paypal tips

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Paypal tips

I write articles and do some forum posting too. This online activity fetches me a few $ and the same is withdrawn to my bank acct through Paypal.
Recently I received a payment of 1.25$ from a forum comment site but when I checked my paypal acct the amount  showed only 0.89$. Paypal had deducted 0.36. I called up their support no. and asked for an explanation. I learnt that normally they charge 4.4% + 0.30$. I checked and it was correct. I also learnt that for micro payments(less than 10$) they charge 5%= 0.05$.
So, I asked them to enforce micropayment charges in case of micro payments and they obliged. Henceforth for a similar 1.25 payment, Paypal will deduct $0.06 +$0.05= $0.11 and not $0.36. For payments more than 10$ the normal 4.4% +$0.30 will apply.

Do you wish to receive USD for writing simple articles on line?
Do you wish to receive payments every fortnight?
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

An awesome online writing service

Are you looking for great content writers to come up with articles and posts for your blogs or websites? You can pick and choose the best writers registered with this site.

  • Content is cheap. A 500 words post may cost you 5$. Shorter posts are available at much lesser rates, say 1.25$ per post.You spell out your writing requirement and look for good writers at the standard range before you look for better graded writers at the premium and elite levels, who will cost more.
  • You can expect your writing to be done quickly as this site gives its writer between 3- 7 hours to come up with original content. You can pick and choose the writer most suited to your requirement. You get to rate the best and reject the others.
  • Your rating is important for the overall rating of the writers. If you are a fair task master and not too harsh , a lot of writers will pick up your assignments and try to exceed your requirement.
  • You can rest assured that the content will be original since it is tested for plagiarism before you get to read it.
  • You pay only if you are happy with the article. To encourage the writers you can add a bonus, which adds to your reputation as a fair task master.
  • If you have the time you can pick and choose the budding writers who are striving hard to enhance their status from the basic standard to the elite. Obviously, the elite charge more, so a healthy mix of standard, premium and elite writers will ensure a steady flow of top quality content for your blog or website.
  • Even at the standard rates you will get great writers. At the premium and elite levels you can be sure of getting excellent writers.
  • You can get the best of writers from all over the world.
  • You may get a low quality post if you are unlucky in choosing a basic writer who is cheap but not of a good quality.
  • There are a lot of non-native English writers who throng this popular writers' site.
  • Native English writers may not be too enthusiastic about writing here as the rates are less, at least in the initial stages when they are starting out.
iWriter is a prompt paymaster and enjoys the reputation of paying the writers every week if they exceed the payout threshhold. You will find it east to make payments using Paypal. Finally, its is free to register and very user friendly. To register for free and outsource your writing to experts click here

If you wish to write and earn money in USD, you can read this article here

Would you like to get paid to blog?

 In March this year I had shared an article writing site called WLE. At that moment one article was sold for 4.14 $ and 9 were waiting to be be picked up by clients at the rates approved by WLE. Well, I did not write there for months and none of my articles were sold. WLE has an option called fast sell, where the site buys your articles at 10% of the originally approved rates. Since none of the 9 articles were sold, I decided to opt for fast sell and most of my articles were picked up and I got paid through paypal. This is a worst case scenario, just imagine what I'd have made if all the 9 were picked up by clients visting WLE. The point is my blogging did not go waste and if I write well on topics which are popular I will make more. 

Easier Than Blogging 728x90Last week I received a payment of 6.21$. Overall I have been paid over 12 $ for 6 articles. Roughly over 2 $ an article. The message is clear. Keep writing regularly and wait for your articles to sell, if not opt for the fast sale and get some money. If you keep writing often you are likely to sell more. The payment is twice a month and if you have more than 5$ in your account you can claim payment.

Easier Than Blogging 300x250Depending on how frequently you write you can make upwards of 10$ every month. The exchange rate at paypal lat week was INR 63.9 to 1 USD. I believe by writing more you are bringing in US currency by exporting your writing skills. In India online writers are getting paid INR 50-75 for a 500 word article whereas at WLE you get paid a min. of 2$(Rs125) and a max. of 15$(Rs 960) depending on how well you write.

If you are fond of writing original content, WLE is ready to rate you and sell your articles for you. As and when your sales exceed 5$ you are paid, twice a month. The rating done by in-house editors at WLE helps you in improving your writing to earn more. There are no suspensions or terminations. so long as you don't plagiarize.

WLE is an apt online site where you can write, learn and earn in USD. The more you write and the better you write, the more you enhance the possibility of making a decent fortnightly income from the comfort of your home. And there is also the option to introduce competent and good writers to online writing and making 10% for every article they manage to sell. I have referred 23 writers, two are active and I have been paid referral payment once, because his article was sold.