Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to get started as a writer?

How to get started as a writer? By writing... of course!
 But how do you get started? There are so many ways of  starting to write but the task of writing a 700 word article can be a daunting task for most beginners, when she is not even sure if she has the skills to be a good writer.

The internet may well prove to be the most important invention of Man. The net is full of opportunities for those who are looking to improve their lot.
We like to chat.
 We don't like to talk.
 We like to discuss.
 We don't like to argue.

Now, if you agree that a discussion is better than an argument you will understand that online chatting is better than online talking. When you chat the other participant has to read what you are saying before he can respond.  What is the result?
Firstly, the quality of the communication improves as there is better understanding and secondly there is a record of the conversation. The chat is truly two-way. 

Those who love to talk find it difficult to chat but when they actually learn to chat they realize the difference between a discussion and an argument.
Now if you would like to learn to discuss and in the process you learn to make some money, would you mind? I suppose not.
Now, I will refer you to a discussion forum where you can
(i) post your opinion on various topics in response to discussion threads started by people from all over the world.
(ii) You can start a discussion on any topic of your choice and then respond to the posts made by people from all over the world.
(iii) You can make friends online, upload images and do up your very own profile page.
(iv) Choose to do small tasks
(v) Get paid for all of the above, once a month provided you reach the minimum payout threshold.

To improve your lot click here and join for free where you will take your first steps to become a good writer. The writing starts with a comment, grows into a post and then the writer from within emerges to address the world at large. Focus on your writing and the income will take care of itself.
It is that simple, actually. If you have missed the hyperlink, click here
and dive in...who knows, anything can happen.

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