Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to Get a Website Posted to Google

Getting your webpage indexed as soon as possible by Google can be very beneficial for obvious reasons. This will probably land your website on the first page and 90% of the clicks for the keyword that you optimized your site for always go to those on page one!

Knowing what this means for your business, won't you rather go for it? Of course, you will and this article shows you exactly how to do it. Submit your site to different directories: For example on Google type in "free url submission" and submit your site to the first 3 - 5 sites that shows up on page one.

Post comments on Blogs with similar topics or interests as your site: Fill in the resource box to link back the site to your site. Use Google to search for your main keywords to get related Blogs. E.g. "Internet Marketing + Blogs" and the result will show Internet Marketing Blogs only.

Click on all the links and post comments, but ensure that the comments are meaningful and complimentary otherwise it may be flagged as spam. Next is to get backlinks from high page rank (PR) sites: This is where it matters as far as Google is concerned. Sites with PR7 to PR5 are recommended.

The approach you are using ab initio also matters: It is generally a good idea to use your domain to start a Blog. Paste few articles - roughly 6-8 and but carefully choose your keywords or tags. For those using WordPress some of the good plugins are all in one seo plugin, Greg's high performance, headspace, platinum seo, etc.

Do not forget to use good permalinks: In WordPress, Admin => Settings => permalinks => custom structure - put /%category%/%postname%/ in the blank field. Use unrestricted.htaccess file to do it. Be sure your web browser supports this. Then make your Blog is visible to all: Admin => settings => privacy => Blog visibility => "I would like my Blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technocrati) and archivers".

Also use ping services like pingoat.com, feedping.com or feedburner pingshot: To do this, go to Admin => Settings => Writing => Update Services, then copy and paste the urls of the pinging services and save changes. Anytime you post on your site, the pinging services will alert all affiliated Blogs and Blog Search Sites of your new articles. This will cause the web spiders to come swarming your site shortly.

Now submit your site URL to Google so they can index you officially: To do this type "addurl" into Google search and click the first link to fill the form and submit your site. It will take about 6 weeks on the average but taking the above steps can reduce it to 24 hours for Google to index your site and your traffic to surge. You will likely enjoy the traffic, just try it.

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