Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I wish I had invented the interne

I wish I had invented the internet. After all, it has completely changed our lives. I would love to get credit for this thing. I must admit that although it would be cool to get the credit for the internet I can still use it and benefit from its existence. I am fortunate that I can access all this information and utilize the experiences and ideas of so many people any time I need it. How did we ever get along without it?

There are too many managers in the world that do not realize the unbelievable power of this concept. They are always trying to come up with a better way. Typically they are attempting to create a method that will recognize their brilliance. Now please do not misunderstand what I am saying. We need innovation in our world. It is essential that we grow and evolve. What I am saying is that if your challenge is how to manage your staff or what direction you should move for your company to grow and thrive why attempt to blaze a new path? The how to of effective management exists in the world. Go find it and put it into play.

The effective manager knows that the real measure is how it all works out. Who cares who had the idea first? Have confidence in yourself and your team and focus on where you want to go. I do not care who invented GPS I just use it to get me where I need to go. I would suggest being thankful that you manage in a time where the resources to enhance your performance are literally beyond limits. You can get anything you need to improve yourself and your performance with the click of a mouse. It is incredible.

The recipe for growth for a manager is to continue to develop your skills. You can do this by reading. If you are not a reader you are in luck. I believe every car now has a CD player. The list of fantastic self improvement and management audio books available is miles long. Use your car as a personal self improvement center. Keep material at the ready. This stuff has an interesting effect when you consume it regularly. It actually sinks in. I do not say that to be sarcastic. You will find that a scenario will present itself while you are on the job and suddenly you will have a perspective you never experienced. The exposure to the finer points of self improvement and sound management will find some traction when you least expect it. When it happens boy do you get excited. Once you buy in to the process it is a wonderful thing. You will kick yourself for not getting on board sooner. Make a decision today to begin your journey of self improvement and commit to being open to a new approach. It is what the smart managers do.

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