Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Illegitimate Online Money Makers Or Just Lazy People

The following tips will help you avoid most make money scams on the internet. However, something must first be said. Everybody and their brother will tell you they "got burnt" when the reality, that they may not be aware of, is they didn't get scammed at all. The only reason they lost money was they didn't get the instant gratification they were expecting, so they quit and probably went to some other program, which they quit working at as well, and now they say they were scammed again.

If you really and truly want to avoid getting burned, first and foremost, stop burning yourself. Quit being a serial program/product hopper. No matter what you choose, understand from the very beginning that it is going to happen slower than you desire. If that is not alright with you, then do not spend your money. This advice alone, can save you untold thousands of dollars, not to mention years of living.

We will divide, making money on the internet, into two general categories, and provide examples of make money scams to watch out for, in both types. The first category is when you get paid by others for doing work. It might be an exclusive situation, working for one person or company, or you might free lance and get paid for specific jobs from various sources. The other type involves internet marketing & entrepreneurship.

There is more chance of high risk in the business venture category compared to the job seekers, since the job seekers are not dreaming of six or seven figure incomes, like the would-be entrepreneurs often do. Since their dreams are big, their risks might also be.

What are some of the main work at home, make money scams? Typing & data entry are two of the biggies. When you see these ads, they will generally take you to sales pages trying to get you to pay for information showing you how to make money with these type of jobs. When you pay for it, you get a report that tells you to "type" ads on the internet, for selling the same report you just paid for.

True data entry work from home jobs will almost always require a job screening process as stringent as if you were going to an office to work, and they might require some college education or previous experience, & references, not to mention a criminal background check they you might require you to pay for.

The criminal background investigation is usually the only time a real employer will ask you to pay for anything. Be careful, some scammers ask for money for a criminal background check, too.

Now for the entrepreneur, the best advice is simply to be aware that when propositions sound way too good to possibly be real, they almost never are genuine. Something about the internet makes people lose their basic common sense. For instance if some stranger knocked on your door and said if you give him a hundred dollars he will give you $200 next month, you might punch him in the face. But, log onto the internet and find a website making the same offer, and some people will fall for all the lies on the website. Look, it really is simple: If you would not do something in the offline world, then do not do it, simply because you are online. That little gem will help you avoid all kinds of make money scams.

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