Sunday, January 30, 2011

Invest small and harvest BIG profits

Long-term investment:-

Buying a particular stock and holding it beyond 6-months 'To' many more years is what is meant by LONG-TERM INVESTMENT.
One need not look at the market prices every now and then, the fall & rise. But it is important to understand the company business growth in the coming years. When the company yields profits year after year the share price will go up. Also the investors can have additional gain like - Stock split, Bonus and Dividend.
So the lesson  that needs to be  learnt here is 'Invest small and harvest big profits'.

 To learn about it all please visit Atmo's site where he explains in detail with facts and figures how an investment of 15000 crossed 11.00,000 in 10 years.Click here to see for yourself.

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