Friday, September 14, 2012

Article writing

I like to write articles. I like it better when I get paid to write articles. If I am paid 10$-25 $ to write a good article I am a happy person.
I can write 3-5 articles per day and if more are required that can be managed too. Not so long ago I was exploring the internet to make some money on line and there seemed to be plenty of opportunities to make plenty of money. Very soon I realized that there were far too many bogus opportunities and very little money to be made by those who are new to the internet. I lost some money but learnt a few lessons along the way. Most importantly  discovered that I had a skill which I had never taken seriously. I re-discovered my penchant for written expression by making posts in a discussion site called myLot. I made quite a few friends on line and ruffled quite a few feathers by engaging in arguments and spirited discussions. That is when an online friend of mine became friendly enough to suggest that I should take writing seriously and earn some money by writing articles. I did exactly that and I was thrilled to make a weekly income of 30$. When I received payment through Paypal I was delighted. 
Right now I am looking to become a free lance writer and aspire to earn more than 1000 $ a month in the next few months. I was looking at some opportunities and I have applied to some free lance article writing gigs. Very soon I should be on my way to achieving my dream of making a career out of my modest writing skills. I have to thank the internet for that.

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