Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun Ways to Use the QR code

Do you have a QR enabled smart phone...? Go ahead scan this QR code and gather the information contained, it may be useful for you.
The Qr code is a bar code where you can store names, addresses, website links and SMS messages. You may have noticed QR codes in one corner of advertisements in newspapers, hoardings...etc. There are interesting ways in which these codes ca be used to advertise products and services. I will list out a few fun ways to use this code :

1. OK, Say you want to advertise the launch of a mega apparel brand and you want to leave an impact. You want to convey the message through a flash mob dance in a crowded mall. As people stream out of multiplex cinema hall in search of food and refreshments your team of dancers is ready to do a 3 minute dance routine in colorful costumes. 
The brand posters are displayed in a subtle manner without assaulting the senses. Now, how would you like to have a QR code displayed as a tattoo on various body parts of the flash mob dancers? Like on a shaved head, on the back, on the chest, wrist and upper arms, mid riff, lower waist and back. The response that will ignite your campaign is when a geeky, tech-savvy youngster  points his mobile at one of these QRs and store it away for decoding later.
 This may set off a chain reaction as more and more people reach for their smart phones.
2.You would want to send e-mails to the people on your mailing list. Instead of giving the full details , just a teaser which will kindle their curiosity will do the trick. Instead of exhorting them to 'click here for more' on hyper links you can simply append the QR code as your signature. Let the reader click on the code. He will be taken to the website where he will be shown some great launch offers and discounts meant for the early birds. In lapping up the offer the reader is going through the contents of your website and a connection is established between him and your brand. is that for brand promotion?

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