Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Would You Write for a Short Article Posting Site that Pays Well?

It is difficult to keep writing articles everyday. Freelance writers find it hard when they seem to hit the writer's block. Nothings gets created and it can be frustrating.
 Supposing you are writing for iWriter or Constant Content on a regular basis but there have been rejections or no sales you feel low and down. A 500 word article can look pretty daunting. 
But, if you have an article writing assignment where you need to write just 30 words or more and get paid 0.25$ for your effort how will you feel? 

You will find it a welcome relief from the tedious task of researching, creating a file, proof reading it for spelling, grammar, and typo errors. 
This can be great when you are not in the mood to write but don't mind making small meaningful posts.
The payout threshold is 5$ and the sign up bonus is 3$. Ideal for those who don't have the time and want to make a decent part time income. The payment is weekly and one can set a decent monthly target. For more details visit the site by clicking HERE



Free sign up
Signup bonus $3Start your first Campaign
for free!
Payout at $55% Commission from your downline users - you get paid from each task

Pool of best Writers
A 30 word article will pay you upwards of 0.25$. Ideal for someone who needs a break between writing lengthy articles. The long articles pay more and do not exceed 300 words.
Sign up for FREE! Start posting Straightaway.
Free sign up
 sign up bonus of 3$
Low fees for Clients
Paypal, Google Checkout, Moneybookers (Skrill),
Alerypay (Payza), Credit cards

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