Friday, October 23, 2015

Paypal tips

I write articles and do some forum posting too. This online activity fetches me a few $ and the same is withdrawn to my bank acct through Paypal.
Recently I received a payment of 1.25$ from a forum comment site but when I checked my paypal acct the amount  showed only 0.89$. Paypal had deducted 0.36. I called up their support no. and asked for an explanation. I learnt that normally they charge 4.4% + 0.30$. I checked and it was correct. I also learnt that for micro payments(less than 10$) they charge 5%= 0.05$.
So, I asked them to enforce micropayment charges in case of micro payments and they obliged. Henceforth for a similar 1.25 payment, Paypal will deduct $0.06 +$0.05= $0.11 and not $0.36. For payments more than 10$ the normal 4.4% +$0.30 will apply.

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