Monday, December 3, 2012

30 Unique Sites That Will Pay You to Write Articles for Them

As an aspiring writer, I have taken too much time to get started. It has taken me 4 long years to awaken the dormant writer in me. If I have managed to survive the boredom, the rejections, the corrections and the effort to get out of my comfort zone, it is because I am conceited.

I always thought I had the grasp of English language. If at any stage I had allowed myself to believe that I was not good enough, I would have quit long ago. So, it is not a bad thing to be conceited, in a constructive way. If you are proud and egoistic, allow yourself to be, in a proactive way. Only when one is reactive and argumentative does she lose control of the self belief and immense potential to do something constructive and meaningful in this life.
Here is a link to some hand picked writing sites and blogs that pay you handsomely to submit articles. Not all of them will be suitable for you and your skills, I warn you. If you are desperate enough to get rewarded for your writing skills you may have to step out of your comfort zone and write out of your skins, to make that decisive jump from an also ran to a winner. I don't know how good they are and what they can do for my freelance writing career but I will give it the best shot and take it from there.
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