Sunday, December 2, 2012

Breaking news - Learn Commodity Trading Using Mock Trading ODIN platform

Mock trading in commodities is on offer for the first time, to cater to the growing demand of people who are keen to get into the commodity trading market but are afraid to spend  big money to learn the ropes, so to say. 

This is the first time a mock(simulated) trading platform is being launched to benefit those who wish to gain a hands on experience of the actual real time commodity trading without investing money for the trades.

Anybody who is interested in the simulation exercise, can make use of the mock trading platform to learn the basics as they go long or short without having to spend money on these practice trades.

In a country which chooses to be financially illiterate, this is a major opportunity for entrepreneurs to offer self-training to:

(i)  students
(ii) housewives
(iii) traders
(iv) office goers
(v) retired people
(vi) unemployed people
(vii) faculty of business schools and academic institutions.

It is aptly named National Simulation Lab (NSL).
 NSL provides simulated trading platform using ODIN DIET software and Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) technology to facilitate access from remote locations on the internet.
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  1. I personally just buy things if I need them.

    I read the article about the commodities and it gave me some good knowledge about the history of trading with commodities, how to manage it better.
    I think the website can help people if they learn it well. It will help them to manage what they got and how to sell it for a reasonable price.