Sunday, November 25, 2012

Online writer: Start Small and Earn Big

1.Why do you want to write?

2.Why do you want to write online?

3.How would you look at on line writing if someone told you that you will be paid to write? Like INR 500 to INR 5000 a month for interacting with people online for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day?

4.Are there any writing and discussion forums where you can write a few lines or a paragraph and still get paid for your efforts?

Are you thinking of starting in a small way where you don't strain yourself much, get to do something you love doing anyway and get paid for your efforts?

When I started writing online I did so because I had the answer 'YES' to the third question listed above. 
A few years after I started making small posts in a popular discussion forum I realized that there were a few people who liked what I wrote. I was busy in responding to discussions started by others.  I started my own discussion topics and people responded.
I discussed.
 I argued.
 I fought with people online.
 But I continued to post a few lines at first and then lengthy paragraphs.From 3 line replies I was writing 300 -500 word replies to discussions. To visit the site and learn more click here .

A very good  online friend told me that I write well. She told me to control my temper and to stop reacting. I paid heed to her words of wisdom and started being polite and friendly. My online reputation soared. Then she told me to write articles  for a writing site called iwriter( for my review on iwriter go here).

I relished the challenge of writing online and discovered another great writing site called Constant Content.( My review is here).

Now, I know that I can write and earn a few USD every week or bi-monthly or monthly. Now, that is a great hobby to have. Something that you love doing and get paid to do it. It is possible for me to earn 1000 USD-3000 USD a month,provided I take my hobby seriously and be passionate about it.

What is the USD-INR conversion rates these days? When I started it was 42 rupees to a dollar. There is serious speculation the INR will depreciate to Rs 65 to the USD. We don't know whether this will come true, but why don't we make the best use of this situation and cash in on the opportunity?

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