Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Not to Use a G-Mail Account to Make Love

How do the high and mighty fall? Well... they normally implode. Attack from the outside can be warded off but what happens when the inner self protests and is not in agreement with your thoughts, words and action ?
The idea is not to preach sermons but to bring to your notice the ingenious usage of the free G-mail account. Here is the explanation :

This is a tale of two lovers. The male is higly placed and the incumbent of a very secretive and powerful position in a  government organization.  The female is married and a mother of two. And she is not married to this powerful guy but they are attracted to each other, he by her youthful charm and she by the power he exudes. The society call it infidelity or extra-marital sex, but in the higher echelons of today's world pwerful people are looking to flout the norms and enjoy their social status as well.
 Coming back to the lust story, when ever the lovers are apart they are desperate to communicate their love for each other. They dare not use a phone or a cell phone to talk. So, they fulfill the need to communicate by using a g-mail account, where the password of one newly created account is shared between them.

So, whenever the male feels amorous he creates a message but does not post it. The lusty love message is saved in the 'drafts'. The female signs into the account using the password known only to the two of them and procceeds to the 'drafts'. Then she creates her own message and does not post it. The message goes into the drafts. So, this is how the two exchange their porn-ful longing for one another. There is no way of tracking their online communication as there has been no effort to communicate to the outside world.

The affair goes on and the two are exploiting each other for whatever they want from one another. The two continue to exchange sweet-nothings and are in the grip of the delicious delights of illicit sex. The ageing government chief is feeding on her considerable womanly charms and the female is basking in reflected glory but greedy to grab some power and position for herself. That the sexual union is devious and not divine is borne out by their intentions as devastating consequences follow.

The female participant in this unholy association tries to manoeuvre an important position for herself, and her lover is willing to oblige. He is powerful and he can grant favors, you know. This is where destiny intervenes. The lovelorn female has competition as another attractive female is lobbying for the same position. The female is jealous now and she decides to make a powerful move to decimate the opposition. To scare off this competitor she sends a scathing communication from...where else, but her secret g-mail account. It is interesting to see how events unfold after this fatal blunder.

 Now, the secret organization in a routine check uncovers a new communication from its boss to  someone who is no way connected to him. The secret draft folder is no longer a secret and the sleaze surfaces and like they say, the shit hits the ceiling. When confronted with the evidence, the chief resigns. The story breaks out and people are amazed to find someone so knowledgeable, professional and powerful, can commit such a basic blunder. A blunder, which is easily avoided by even the the most amateurish user of the internet.

Does this ring a bell? Not so long ago one of our distinguished parliamentarians was caught with his pants down with a female subordinate. The sad part was the miserable cohort in sin was a married high court judge who was milking him(no pun intended) to secure a higher position in the Supreme court; no less. The clinching sex video was the handiwork of a disgruntled driver. Technology is a two-edged sword and not safe in the hands of the ignorant.

Like I said earlier, this post is to share one clever way of using a G-mail account.
There is no need to tax your brain to find out who are the notorious people who were exposed, it is out there on the internet with lurid details,  and I am not offering a reward to guess their identities. I am sure that most of you know.

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