Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Amul Ads Ka Jawab Nahin

Amul ads have always produced a smile and the occasional guffaw. The men behind these witty and satiric ads have been Bharat Dabholkar and Sylvester da Cunha who have been in the forefront by creating Amul ads since the 80s. Incidentally this is the longest running ad campaign ever and seems to be getting stronger and wittier by the day.

Here are some samples which caught the imagination of the nation :

The one on top is a clever tribute to the maestro Sachin Tendulkar after he completed 100 international hundreds earlier this year. The clever use of 'sau' in place of 'saw' and the inevitable 'tons' in the tab. The cute Amul girl is seen adding the extra 0 to his already famous '10'.
 Undoubtedly a master stroke, befitting the monumental achievement of an Iconic player!

The second one is to greet Obama after
 he won his second term to the most powerful office on the planet. Quite obvious, but acknowledging a very significant event in the world in an openly appreciative manner.

Cheteshwar Pujara gleefully tucked into the English bowling and came up unbeaten on both occasions, with a double century, to boot. Alistair Cook performed well too with a big hundred and a fighting knock in the second essay. The heroes of the test. Pet indicates the tummy and the clever play of 'cook' to include Alastair Cook of England. 

When Shoiab Akhtar, the impudent tear away quick bowler from Pakistan chose to insult the great Sachin Tendulkar in his book the little master refused to  acknowledge the slight. But what Amul did was to express the contempt of the entire nation for a pompous bowler who, the followers of the game knew
was nothing more than a 'chucker'.

No wonder, Amul ads continue to be the longest running advertisement campaign of the world. The brand is firmly entrenched in the minds, nay, the hearts of the people. The most successfull story in the field of brand promotion!

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