Monday, November 19, 2012

Do You Have the Makings of a Writer?

stock photo : Young woman in eyeglasses with old typewriter.

Do you have the makings of a writer? Maybe. It is worth finding out if you have the potential to make an impression in the blogosphere. There are plenty of avenues to express your talent. Appreciation is the nutrition that most budding writers need to blossom forth into terrific writers. A comment can grow into a post and a post can develop into an article and very soon a novel springing forth from your creative mind can grab the attention of a generation.

Writing is a habit. To some it comes naturally. When they put pen to paper, words seem to be in a hurry to tumble out and hurriedly assemble into clever words and sentences. The content becomes a finished product called an article or a post. A good writer easily grasps the mood and keeps on writing effortlessly. Before you know it his content is ready and he stops to relax, confident and happy that his work for the day is done. Even when he is relaxing, the writer in him is alert as his subconscious picks up and stores experiences and events for later use.

 He may be reading a newspaper or a paperback, his dormant inner self soaking in the story and the details quickly and efficiently. If he is watching news or soap on television he seems to be even more relaxed as he is quick to identify the drift and can decide to switch on or off at will.

 It seems as if there are two phases in a writer's life. In the productive phase where he actually produces high quality content he seems to be operating at a frenetic pace, working non-stop for hours that can stretch late into the night and keep extending to the next day. The best writers seem to be able to prolong their stay in a magic zone as they sacrifice everything else just to be able to see their work to its logical conclusion.

The second phase is the resting phase. The quality of his writing depends on how effectively he uses the rest period to charge himself for the next bout of frenzied production. Most writers seem to simply switch off and enjoy the peace and silence of their familiar surroundings. Their near and dear ones take care not to disturb their rest and relaxation. The peace enjoyed by the mind tempts it to maintain the state of inertia. But before the writer becomes inert, he is again consumed by the want to produce another delectable piece of work for his admirers and fans.

The wordsmith possesses a formidable talent but there is no dearth of competition. As new ideas converge to form a wave which can capture the imagination of readers , old and new, there is the ever present danger of his fans and admirers being weaned away from his literary feed that they may have become accustomed to. Nothing can prevent the readers from developing new tastes but a classic piece of work is revered by the readers' fraternity forever.

I started posting here but this seems to have developed into a good article but I wish to share some ideas that may inspire the writer in you. I want to write and make money from my efforts. Recently, I sold a 500-word article to Constant Content for 37$. This did not happen overnight. This was the culmination of a hobby that started 4 years back. The hobby is ready to become a career, if I handle the challenges and the needs of a freelance career well. Well, that is my look out. 
How many of you are interested in exploring the freelance writing career? I will start with my first step in the next post. 
So for now...Adieu!


  1. I don't see any phases yet....Its work and writing for me..since last 5 months

    1. LOL! The rest is as important as the creation. Or one may end up suffering a burn out. That would be tragic. You need to find out what motivates you.I feel money is a good incentive. You may feel satisfaction or recognition is more important.