Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 Tips to Thrive at Mylot, a Discussion Forum That Pays You to Post

It is heartening to see new members signing up for FREE to make posts and get paid. But, how many actually go on to make money at myLot?

Before you get started, rest assured that grammatically correct English is not necessary.

The first step is to get started
 Choose as many interests that appeal to you and tick on the boxes. After you are sure that you have quite a few interests, you can confidently click on any of them. You can go through the discussion threads available, choose one or more, and respond with a post that should be at least 3-4 sentences. Be polite in your language. Be firm but never be rude or aggressive. There are a few bad elements who will indulge in rude or crass comments and try to draw you into an argument. Avoid them and if necessary do report them. Mylot responds quickly to complaints. But do not be paranoid about this, as you are interacting with people from different global back grounds and cultures. It will take you some time to adapt to myLot. Take your time and do not be in a hurry. If you follow this tip your reputation will soar and the chances of getting paid more will increase multi fold.
Hre are the six tips that are sure to act as a beginners guide to success at mylot

Take part in discussion threads and do not neglect the hot topics
that are trending at that particular moment. If you have started a discussion, look for responses and answer each rejoinder with a meaningful and sincere reply.

Create topics of discussion that strike a chord 
A good dicussion is that which elicits, say 10-12 responses. Put a little thought before you post discussions of your own.

Research is rewarded
 If you use the Yahoo search engine at myLot extensively you may be surprised by unexpected awards which may total up to 20 $. It may sound unbelievable but people have won such bonuses.

Do Tasks
There is task tab which will take you to micro tasks, where you get paid for doing small tasks like sign ups, article writing, posting on blogs, rewrites ...etc.

Upload images with captions
In case you are not inclined to post you can upload photos from your camera or free to upload images sites.
A warning though. MyLot can become addictive. So, spend your time wisely and be productive. Don't go around looking for arguments.

I think this is a set of tips that can launch you at myLot. The rest is a passage of self discovery, as you evolve from a poster on discussion forums to a free lance writer who can command a decent compensation for his writing on line.
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  1. it does not pay any more. no point wasting your time at mylot