Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Little Pups - Orphaned and Abandoned at Birth-An Update

Innocent Badmashi
It was the end of  Nov  2012. We were all waiting for the end of the world to arrive( some were really hoping it would end it all) but two little pups orphaned at birth were fighting for survival. The stray pups had absolutely no chance of survival or so I thought. I had blogged  about how the two stray pups literally forced their way into our home by emotionally blackmailing my kindly spouse and compassionate son. For the entire story CLICK HERE.

I was able to appeal to dog lovers online and I was able to find homes for the two little guests. One pup I gave to a Physics teacher  who wanted it for his lonely sister. The family fell in love with this stray pup and were doting on him. I visited their home after 10 days to see how he was coping up. I was happy to see the pup had put on some weight and was very active and playful. But my happiness was short lived as I got the news that this pup had been stolen, two weeks back. He was so popular with the neighboring kids that some enterprising brat scaled the compound wall and made off with the pup. I hope Chinna is safe and happy  with his new family. The Physics teacher and his folks are shattered and have sworn never to get another dog, that is how upset they are! I'd got him vaccinated once and his second vaccination was due this 15 th but he has vanished.

The other bloke is still with me but only for a day or two as a friend, CEO of an apparel unit has evinced keen interest in this pup for his 10 year old son. Everyone in our household is besotted with the antics of this pup Bhairav. He eats well and is healthy and wonderfully cute. With his departure I would be completing my mission of find them a home, successfully. But in the two month period these infants have given us immense joy and pleasure. I will be posting a few snaps of Bhairav soon, maybe in a day or two.

Come, Play With Me

I know that dogs are capable of unconditional love but to be able to realize that I too have a compassionate heart is akin to Self Discovery. As a child I was like this and it has taken a child for me to re-discover the spontaneity, innocence and love.
To be able to realize and understand that I am innocent, pure, spontaneous, chaste, detached and wise is an affirmation that my Mooladhar Chakra is clean and the resident deities namely, Nirmal Ganesh, Gauri Ganesh and Karthikeya are awakened and firmly in place.

 Now, if this is not Self-realization, then what is?

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