Monday, February 11, 2013

Silent Woman of Cubbon Park - Unbelievable but True!

  Golden Silence,  Golden Retrievers
I came across this heading today about Ms. Sangeeta Mehrotra, the silent woman of Cubbon park, Bengaluru. I was tempted to skip the news, I thought it was a prank. I saw the date and since Apr 1 is weeks away, I decided to read the article. Jokes apart, I am glad to have read the article which clarified a lot of things that were troubling my mind.
Silence is golden, they say . I agree but the nagging question was always : Why should one be silent?

I read the article and understood a few things that I wanted to do always:
1. Surya Namaskar  I learnt SN years ago but have not been a regular practitioner. To learn that this amazing lady actually does 108 SNs everyday at 7a.m is really inspiring. I have been intending to do 24 SNs everyday, but have been able to 4 or 6 and that too has been very infrequent. I feel now, I have the motivation to fufill my desire.
2. Hanuman Chalisa  I believe Hanuman is one deity who clears up all obstacles in your future. All you need to do is to invoke his name everyday by chanting Hanuman Chalisa. This lady inspires me to start chanting Hanuman Chalisa everyday.
3. Silence I have a very strong urge from time to time to close my eyes and stay that way for hours and extend it to a day but now I believe silence is as good an antidote for all the stress and strain that I undergo everyday.
4.Pets I have always loved dogs and have had a Dobermann and a Labrador in the past. I want  to have a few of these lovely dogs again. Recently I had blogged about  a very pleasant experience of assisting my wife and children in taking care of two stray pups and finding a home for them. I want to adopt stray pups and give them up for adoption by deserving candidates, no less.

Silent Chant- Hanumana Chalisa
Well...I don't know how this article is going to inspire you but it is a  worth reading at least once. To read the article click HERE

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