Thursday, August 15, 2013

I joined Bubblews in March. I created one post and then did not return back till June. An old online friend recommended Bubblews to me and I came back to Bubblews after 3 months and started writing again.

I was writing seriously and was averaging one article a day, even though I saw it was very easy to write 4-5 articles every day. People are already writing the maximum of 10 articles every day, without much effort.
The views, likes, comments and social shares motivate people to come back again and again. It has to be experienced to  be believed.

I have been blogging here for years and yet have only a few comments. In less than 4 weeks I have more than 200 comments and more than 2000 views. All I have done is to post and read what others have posted. All short posts, so no laborious lengthy posts that can bore you to death.

The biggest bonus is... the money ofcourse. I reached payout last Sunday and requested withdrawal through paypal and the money is due in my Paypal account ina few days time.
In short I have about 30 posts, mostly short and sweet and the money is there to be plucked from the most generous paid-to-post forums in the world.

For  1000 views you get paid 10$, can you believe that...?
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