Friday, July 19, 2013

Looking For a Genuine Blogging Forum That Pays Handsomely?

We have written for content mills. We have written for blogs and websites looking for unique content. But when you are writing for others you remain a ghost writer. At the back of your mind you do think about creating your own identity as a  writer of substance.

When you are writing 500 word articles you want to take a break and come up with a short post and still hope to get paid well. There are paid to post forums where you need to be a native speaker of English to be accepted as a writer for their forum. Here the arrangement is such that you are forced to write 'positive' comments for your native English speaking clients. Hardly the stuff to gladden your soul.

Then there are bloggers who do not go very far because there is hardly anyone to read their posts and for lack of recognition and appreciation manny a blogger has stopped writing.

Now, There is hope for the writer who can come up with unique content. A short sweet post and then some more as he loses himself in a sea of like minded bloggers who continue to churn out unique posts secure in the knowledge that there will be viewers, comments, likes and also a decent passive income month after month. With passage of time the writer is in for a pleasant surprise when he makes money every week and the day is not far off when he will be able to withdraw money every day. The revolutionary concept is gaining popularity and is poised for greater things. Are you ready to cash in? 

Feel free to click HERE to find out. Truly international and not fussy about the correctness of your English. Yes you don't have to be a native speaker of English to thrive here. Anyone can so long as he is prepared to post short in English.

The sign up is free and one can get started straight away.

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