Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tarun Tejpal would do well to remember his moral science lessons from school

The importance of spiritual education at the primary level of school has never been felt more than now.

Too many tales of moral turpitude have been surfacing in the news media. It is a fact that these news channels look for sensational news and the more sordid the episode the better it is for their TRP. This is a global phenomenon, not just restricted to any one country.

The latest episode is the one involving Tarun Tejpal of Tehelka. The email from the 'victim' that has been leaked to the media has done tremendous damage to the reputation of Tehelka as a publication and Tejpal as a crusader. It is fair to say that Tejpal the editor is dead, maybe  Tejpal the human will awaken...hopefully. It must've taken him years of toil to build his reputation. As he was rising he must have kicked out the morals that he was so fond of preaching himself.

So many times he must have gotten away with his immoral , licentious behavior with the opposite sex. But to be caught attempting to molest a young woman and forcibly trying to have oral sex with her by pulling down her panties in a hotel elevator is the prurient stuff that surely belongs to smut pages of pornographic magazines and portals. The miserable man was primed for self detonation. Maybe these guys take their cue from more illustrious predecessors like Bill Clinton and Phaneesh Murthy.

The guy was over confident. He thought his protege Shoma Chaudhry would be able to brow beat the journalist colleague and he can be back after a long vacation. Now he is staring at rape charges, possible imprisonment and an end, to what has been a glorious career in journalism.

It is not enough to educate ourselves in Maths, Physics, Commerce and Arts. It is far more important to impart spiritual education to our children from the age of 8. Make them study the Vedas, The Bible, The Quran and the Bhagwad Gita. A scholar of the Vedas will never have the excuse that he does not know the correct moral behavior. He will know what is selfless action. He will know what is self centered action and its consequences. A spiritual scholar will proudly follow the tenets of Dharma in his daily life whether he is in office, public or at home.

But when do we get started? The life of the  great Sachin Tendulkar could well be a shining example. He played the game honestly. When his immoral Captain chose to fix matches he did not agree and continued to play his honest game. That inspired the likes of gentlemen cricketers like Dravid, Laxman, Srinath and Kumble to take India to the top of Test and ODI rankings. As he leaves the game, India is confident of hammering the best in the game. That is what one calls a noble legacy. Sachin is just 40 and may live to be a 100 but as long as he lives, no Indian cricketer will dare to err on moral and ethical grounds.

Its time we took a call as a nation to realize our spiritual prowess and say no the mores and excesses of the western culture where hedonistic lifestyles are admired and emulated.
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