Friday, December 13, 2013

The Article Requestors Never Had it so Good

iWriter is a great place to get your articles written by earnest, brilliant and excellent writers.
The writers who sign up with iWriter are graded by the requestors. The requestors are iWriter registered clients(registration is free) who post their requirement in detail and writers compete with each other to bag the article request and submit the well researched and well written article in the given time. 

 Here are a few crucial points about the writer - requestor arrangement to better understand the paid writing service on offer:

(i) The advantage is that the writer is required to finish the article in a few hours before he can go looking for another article request. 

(ii) Therefore the turn around is quick and all the client(requestor) needs to do is to grade the effort fairly after deciding to accep
t or reject the article.

(iii) The rates are low and the competition is tough, so the quality is assured. You have writers from native English speaking nations and from the rest of the international writer community.
If the client is fair in his rating his ratings are high and the writers respond well to his requests.

(iv) All the writer are aspiring to go to the next level. There are three levels:

     Standard Writers - Entry level writers

     Premium Writers - Great writers who enjoy a                                   healthy rating from clients

     Elite Writers - Excellent writers who have                                  proven writing caliber.

Well, for more details and free registration as a requestor of articles, you can click here if you have not clicked on the images above.


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