Sunday, January 12, 2014

AK-68 -Advanced version, effectively guns down only the corrupt and the arrogant

Arvind Kejriwal was born on 16 Aug 1968. So the sobriquet AK-68. India has seen many dynamic leaders and the latest to capture our hearts is this original Haryana pocket dynamo who is in a tearing hurry to rid India of corruption and instal self rule in the country.

 We heard a term called Swaraj in our school text books and two leaders who spring to mind are Gandhiji and Lokmanya Tilak. This young tyro has written a book on Swaraj and its an eye opener.
If you look at the AAP formation and subsequent activities you will understand the speed with which AK-68 functions
1. Immediately after forming the AAP party, AK-68 trains his sights on the big ticket and petty corruption in and around the national capital. Effectively AAP started playing the role of the opposition in Delhi. The way they collected 20crores and no more was a welcome experiment in election fund collection in an honest and  transparent manner.
2. AK-68's innovative campaign style by going door to door and mohalla to mohalla and using the internet social media to engage the net savvy population of the nation.
3. AK-68 was confident of  absolute majority but the Delhi public was naive and slow to recognize a savior and BJP was able to spoil the party. AAP came second with 28 seats.
4. AK-68 refused to have anything to do with BJP or Cong and said so openly. BJP did not know how to react and decided to adopt the moral high ground by  refusing to plead with AAP to form a coalition govt. when they were invited by the LG.
5. Now, the LG turned to AAP to form the govt. Showing amazing alacrity and flexibilty, AAP unleashed a master stroke by going to the Delhi public for a referendum. The Public said 'yes' and AAP accepted outside support from Cong and formed govt. Cong was nonplussed and BJP felt as if it was castrated.
6. Cong cannot withdraw support and has to remain outside the govt. Can do precious little but to suffer the ignominy with gritted teeth. Cong is happy that BJP is out again.
7. BJP cries foul but then who listens to a loser. It is obvious that BJP leadership is bereft of ideas when it comes to tackling AAP.
8. AK-68 refuses red beacon (Lal Batti) on their cars, refuses palatial bungalows and personal security. He endears himself to the people of the nation when he says God will look after his security.
9. AK-68 announces up to free 700 litres water per day. Tasks Jal Board to supply water to areas without piped water supply by using water tankers.
10. AK-68 announces interim relief pending audit of discoms by slashing power tariff rates by 50 %.
11. AK-68 orders mass transfers in the corrupt Jal board and successfully requests the LG to order an audit of discoms by the CAG. The power distribution cos, all private players moan but have to submit to the CAG audit. The public wish the earlier CAG Vinod Rai were here to do the audit but the CAG will deliver soon, we hope.
12. Establishes a anti corruption helpline and improves upon it by updating to a 4 digit number. Complaints pour in and it is believed at least a couple of bribe takers have already been caught.
13. AK-68 releases 1 Crore relief to widow of slain cop who was killed while discharging his duty by miscreants. It is a record relief amount given to an individual casualty.
14. The CM darbar on Jan 11 elicited overwhelming response and the CM was forced to move out to avoid a stampede by the unmanageable crowds. Even then the ministers collected more than 2500 complaints from Delhi citizens.
15. AK-68 has promised porta cabin shelters to the homeless and work is on to deliver on that promise to help the poor survive in these extreme cold conditions.
16. Even as BJP has copied the AAP party fund collection drive by coining 'Ek Note Ek Vote' AAP has gone one better by announcing a national enlistment drive by using SMS and online FREE registration as member of the AAP. The responses are very encouraging from all over India. Their target is 1 Crore members by 26 Jan but are sure to find double that number on 26 Jan.

Which CM in the history of free India has shown the intent to implement so many promises and decisions so quickly?

AAP is running circles around the two well established national parties and we won't be surprised if they prove to be successful in the coming Lok Sabha elections in less than 6 months

Faults in this model AK-68
1. Diabetic and prone to viral infections and coughs perennially.
2.Too Transparent.
3. Cloning of this model is very very difficult but not impossible.
4. Indians find this model too fast and too dynamic and are happily struggling to adopt and modify themselves.

But given his new found love for Vipasna and fasting AK-68 is bound to find a way to overcome his health related frailties.

Do you want to join AAP? It is FREE and takes less than a minute. Click HERE or on the images to join AAP and help in eliminating corruption from India.

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