Sunday, January 12, 2014

Are You Ready for Participative Democracy? You should Be, You Know...

Somnath Bharti, the Delhi Law Minister related his experience days after he took over. He summoned his office staff and asked them if he could be given a policy document of his law dept. He was shocked to learn that there was no such thing.

The secretaries are IAS level officers and they don't have a policy document to run the office operations. What the previous Law Minister of Delhi was doing is not on record. If the current incumbent decides to carry forward the good work of his predecessor, there is nothing to guide him.

The political parties say they are our representatives but it is quite obvious they are not working like professionals and the trained bureaucracy is unwilling to take responsibility for the actions of this semi-literate or academically qualified but incompetent leaders.

Who is leading the national capital if it is full of incompetent and irresponsible political bosses? What future does Delhi have if the mediocre and hesitant bureaucracy is reduced to the level of scared 'babus'?

The political parties say the AAP leaders are hasty in their actions. But look at their decisive ways and the speed at which they are functioning. The previous incumbents were sluggish and lethargic and the freshness and assertiveness of earnest, honest AAP is confusing the inert administration set up of Delhi.

Now, decide for yourself whether you want representative democracy OR Participative Democracy?

If the answer is Participative Democracy, feel free to join  AAP for free. Before you do so, visit their website, read up their policy documents, manifesto and
AK-68's pdf book on Swaraj or self rule.

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