Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Water Resistant Sports Headphone (Red)

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Are you looking for headphones to wear while jogging as 

listening to songs helps you run longer?

Do you need headphones that have the following:

a) A long cord
b) A provision to hook around the ears so that they don’t 
fall off while running
c) Water and sweat resistance features

Are you the sporty, athlete type who’d like to take the 

boredom and fatigue out of your work out routines by 

plugging on to music?

This Panasonic headphone claims to have the features 


Ealstomer Clip type Earphones 

Neodymium magnet enhances Deep bass reproduction 

performance and sensitivity

Superb sound performance, Attractive metallic color 

 Water Resistance Series.

Suitable for athletics and gym clip type ear phones

 Hygienic, removable and washable ear-pads

The rubber earhooks provide a non-slip grip for an extra 

secure and comfortable fit,ensuring that the headphones 

remain in place for hours of comfort

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