Monday, April 14, 2014

Are you looking around a lot for a phone holder for your car ?

 Are you looking around a lot for a phone holder for your car that is steady and doesn't shake too much?

 Have you purchased many of them thinking they would do the job (as advertised)?

Would you take a look at iOttie One Touch windshield car mount ?
According to satisfied users this is the steadiest car phone mount you'll find! Some even use it for the dashcam app on their iPhone and get very stable videos.


-Best car mount for the iphone 4s. Usually car mounts won't accommodate cases for the iphone and it's a pain to have to remove it to dock the phone. This is great because it accommodates skin case, silicone case, otterbox, basically any case on a phone.

-When they say one touch they mean it. You need one hand to dock the phone when you get in the car. No more fiddling around while driving.

-Suction sticks, even in hot weather the suction has not broken or melted

-Price for something that is simple and just works, 20 bucks with S&H included is a bargain.


-The side buttons feels a little flimsy. If you are rough with your things this may not last as long. 

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